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Guest Speaker
Dr. Tom Wallace

Audio Sermons delivered to Immanuel Church in November of 2004.

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About These Messages:

Dr. Tom Wallace preached a revival at Immanuel Church (A Watchman Christian Network Member) from November 14-17, 2004.  You can go to Word to You for all of his audio messages.  They should be posted by November 22.  But Dr. Wallace gave me permission to post whichever audio messages on Voice of the Watchman that I felt would be helpful.  I have done that.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as we did.  This man is a wonderful preacher of the Word of God, and a masterful storyteller.  He can capture you with words and take you places to bring home points from God's Word in a way that is unique to this man of God.  God has truly blessed him and he stresses that it is God that does the work.

Sermons from November, 2004 Revival at Immanuel Church










Dr. Tom Wallace's Biography

Born August 22, 1930, in Odd, West Virginia.

He was the second of six children.


Parents: Lonnie and Reba Wallace of Toughkenamon, PA (Deceased)
to Janith May Farr of Kennett Square, PA from 1950 until her death in 2003.
Dr. & Mrs. Wallace have four children:
Debra is married to David Hicks, who serves as School Administrator of the
Colonial Hills Baptist Church and School in McDonnough, GA. They have two sons, Mark and Derek.
Tom Jr. is married to Kayla. He is an accountant in Dallas, Texas. He has two sons, Tommy and Timmy.
Tim is married to Becky. He is Assistant Pastor of the Midlothian
Bible Church of Midlothian, Texas. They have one son, Nate.
Donna is married to Bruce Barton, Associate Pastor at People's Baptist Church in Greenville, NC. They have three children, Bradley, Brady, and Joanna.

Saved at General Motors Assembly Plant in Wilmington, Delaware

Began preaching at the noon services until leaving for Bible College. Served on the Staff of Highland Park Baptist Church, Chattanooga, TN with Dr. Lee Roberson for two years. (1953 & 1954)

Pastor of Baptist Bible Church of Elkton, Maryland, from 1954 to 1971
Pastor of Beth Haven Baptist Church of Louisville, Ky. 1971 to 1986
Pastor of Franklin Road Baptist from Sept 1, 1991 to January 2000
Pastor Emeritus of Franklin Road Baptist Church from 2000 to Present

Active in Radio work for over 30 years
Published "The Visitor" and "The Beam", church papers for same period
Founder and past president of Elkton Christian Schools. (K-12)
Founder and past president of Beth Haven Christian Schools. (K-12)
President of Franklin Road Christian Schools (K-12) 1991 to 2000
Established a Bus Ministry in Elkton, Md. that grew to 18 routes
Expanded Bus ministry at Beth Haven Baptist Church to 42 routes
Tripled attendance at Louisville Church in first 2 years. High of 5450
Led the Baptist Bible Church through eight major building programs
Led the Beth Haven Baptist Church in building a 3300 seat auditorium
Led Franklin Road Baptist Church in building a new education building and major renovation of 3 other buildings, and purchase of two additional properties

Past president of International Fellowship of Fundamentalists and presently serving on the Board of Directors
Served as President of Board of Directors of BIMI for 8 years
Served on the Board of Directors of Bill Rice Ranch and Virginia Bible College







Materials on this page used with permission by Dr. Tom Wallace.  The audio messages are his property and should be considered such.
For permission to use in another work, please contact me at firestorm_five@yahoo.com ... thank you.